Whitfield Valley Community Nursery Chell Heath is rated Good by Ofsted

Follwing our very first Ofsted inspection, we are delighted to announce that Whitfield Valley Community Nursery Chell Heath has been rated Good!

Feedback fo Ofsted includes "Staff build strong relationships with children. For example, they respond quickly and sensitively to children's needs. This helps children to feel relaxed and safe, and to join in with new experiences". "The outdoor play area offers children a sense of adventure and the opportunity toexperience challenge and manage risks for themselves. For example, children climb upthe steps and walk along the wooden wobbly bridge. They lift, manoeuvre and climbon the car tyres and zoom around the circular play road on their tricycles".

Sarah, The Nursery Manager said "we are absolutely delighted with this rating on our very first Ofsted inspection and it is a reward to staff for all their hard work and to our children, parents and carers".

If you would like more information on the nursery then please contact Sarah Hulme on 01782 694859.

The full report can be found at https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/16/EY538087

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