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Whitfield Valley Centre

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Our Community Garden services are led by Dave, our Community Gardener and supported by a team of regular volunteers. The Team not only upkeep the grounds of the Whitfield Valley Centre but they also maintain and carry out simple landscaping, regular maintenance of gardens and grounds in the local area.


Within the grounds of the Centre we have a number of lawned areas, planted beds, greenhouses and an allotment area. The allotment provides fresh fruit and vegetables for the Community Café and any surplus fruit and vegetables is made available for sale in the Centre.

The Team are also available to undertake garden maintenance and simple landscaping work within the community and our prices for undertaking this type of work are very affordable.

The gardeners also work with both of our Nurseries and Creche in order to teach children how to grow plants and fruit and vegetables from seeds, watch them grow and care for them as they do so.

If you would like any further information about the Community Gardening project then please contact Dave on 01782 878 843.