“Amazing place and amazing people! Everyone is really friendly and welcoming! The creche and all of the other staff are all lovely and friendly and the gym is great. My new favourite place!!”

“I started going with a friend a few weeks ago, the staff are very, very nice and polite and a good laugh, can't wait to get started in the gym. High five to you all”.

“Volunteering is really important to us. We have referred people to the Centre for volunteering. It helps to upskill them and improve their chances of getting a job”.

“The Whitfield Valley Centre is a great facility for the people of our communities, serving Chell Heath, Fegg Hayes and Chell. The Gym at the Whitfield Centre is always happy to welcome people of all ages and fitness levels. You will find a happy, friendly environment from your first visit”.

"I've done things that I wouldn't normally be able to do like Paintballing, Go Karting, a residential stay in Wales and going to Alton Towers and Drayton Manor". 

“I had a stroke five years ago and I was fully wheelchair dependant. After 15 months’ gym use I no longer need a wheelchair and I have regained a significant amount of use in my left hand and arm. “Without this project I doubt I’d be walking now. It’s given my life back in many ways”

"The Youth Workers have supported me through our exams and getting a place in college and an apprenticeship".

“Coming from outside of the area, I personally love this facility because it has helped me to gain confidence and meet some special friends”.


"The Youth Club has stopped me hanging around on the streets and getting in trouble".

“I have volunteered at the centre for the past 5 years after being a stay at home mum for over 3 years. Since volunteering I have built my confidence levels and gained employment”. 

Volunteers Packing Food